Thursday, 31 March 2011

World Wide Weirdies

Henry Flint citing these bizarre, utterly brilliant one-offs by Ken Reid had me go back and have a look at them again.
Here's five of my favourites, which i just stare in awe at.
That's now.
Back then it was a case of staring in morbid fascination.


The Bronze said...

There was Creepy Creations too wasn't there?
I wish someone would collect these in one volume.

Mangamax said...

Absolutly. They,and Ken Reid, deserve recognition and to be discovered by at least two new generations of comic readers.
Wonder where the original art is? if it went the way of the IPC pages that were used to mop up a flood in the basement, there just ain't no, er, justice.

The Bronze said...

I use top pour over some of those Creepy Creations and Worldwide weirdies. If I recall I actually sent a drawing in but came to nought.

WhiteStar the band said...

I sent in a drawing in 77-78 called the beastly bath tub! Which much to my delight won! Sadly I somehow lost the comic.cannot find this online anywhere. Someone somewhere probably has a massive stash of whooped comics lieng in a loft somewhere with my humble creation in it along with many other lost world wide weirder pics!simon