Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Charley's War

Been doing this Blog for a while now and, of course, Charley Bourne should've been featured by now.
But, i dunno.
This is a very lightweight homage to the comics i grew up with and, while Charley was a part of that, such a tragic, honourable tale of the horror of that awful war just doesn't seem right.
How can i do an "Aieeee!" Watch on it eh?
Suffice to say that it was both Joe Colquhoun and Pat Mills' finest hours, a true classic - and something that should be a mandatory read in schools.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

We're off

Right, off now for a week in Norfolk. Will update upon return. Byeeeee

Garth - adjustments

Not a boys comic character, true, but to this pre-pubescent then pubescent fella, Garth was VERY interesting.
Not only did you get a fix 5 days a week (thankfully, my Mum was a Daily Mirror reader) of great fantasy and SF adventures, but you also got tons of buxom ladies (some of which rivalled Garth in chest size. But not often) who either wore very little or had the habit of losing said little clothing or going totally starkers.
As i say, very interesting.
For years i had my "Daily Mirror Of Garth" as my only collection of Frank Bellamy's run. And i've always thought that i had the true representation of those tales.
Until a few years ago when i picked up the Titan editions and released - something ain't right.
Comparing stories that appear in both it soon became apparent that some Mary Whitehouse type had been hard at work making the Mirror collection "safe" from all.
Either bras were crudely drawn over bits (as in the case here from "The Women Of Galba") or - unforgivibly - omiittted days worth of 3 panel strips, fast forwarding past the smut (as here in "Ghost Town".)
Tsssk... These tales were in a daily newspaper for all to see. How can collecting them make them more unsuitable?
Someone must've had the job of pouring over the art and making those decisions. Reckon it was Mary.