Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Returning to Hellman - Action 4 Sept '76

With Rufus mentioning Hellman, it got me thinking i should have another read of the fella.
So, dug out a copy with him on the cover - where he seems to be modelled on Kirk Douglas - and took a look.
Oh dear, we're in the period where the art had gone downhill somewhat. No idea here who did it, he's okay with tanks and faces but when it comes down to action its VERY odd - this shot of Hellman running is downright peculiar.
Its a great tale though, with him having no choice but fight alongside his hated SS enemies until the end where, in true Action style, we have him lobbing grenades stuck down his boots, doing a roll then standing to attention in front of a Russian tank, hoping they choose to run him down rather than shooting him. Which they luckily do - and cop for the mine he was standing right in front of.
Other things of note this issue is the fantastic art by Belardinelli on Green's Grudge War, where his superb renditions of scenery are on show.
Dredger has a nasty bit of sadism as he's stabbed through the hand by a bad guy to prove he's dead. Which he isn't. Just real hard.
And, again, we have art slipping in Hookjaw. Only the outrageous use of red really stops it being quite painful compared to the stunning art Sola was producing only a few issues before.
A veritable "Aieeee!"-fest this time:
A "Aaaaeeee!" from a guy sliding into Hookjaws, er, jaws.
A Russian "Batushka-Aieeee!" in Hellman, followed by a one E too many "Aieeeee!" from a shot SS then two more exactly the same from the inside of two Russian tanks and a final "Aieee!-Grenades!"

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