Monday, 28 March 2011

Strip Magazine - almost with us

Looking like the magazines getting its big launch soon at Bristol and i can't wait. Any new British publication has to applauded but this one, with its reprints of European titles, Hookjaw and Dredger, nothes it up massively.
I usually buy a couple of GN's when i'm in France and they're brilliant stuff - but my translating each panel sure does make them a lengthy read. So it'll be nice to have the English version to speed things up.
Interesting to see that they're going to be re-colouring Hookjaw. As i've said in the last couple of Action posts, the later stories suffered from appalling colouring - but at least it helped cover up some equally appalling art. Will bettering the coluring improve things? We'll see.
And, i take it just the original colour spreads will be done, not the whole strip? Hope not. The B&W of the Sola art made the violence and the gore that much more disturbing and effective. Splashing some Kensington Gore around would be the comic equivilant of colouring the Laurel and Hardy shorts.

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