Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some new Flesh

SO looking forward to the Prog this Saturday as Flesh finally returns.
Was a massive fan when 2000AD first came out, with it and Dan Dare being my joint favourites for quite a while.
Enjoyed Flesh Book 2, mainly because of Belardinelli's stunning work, and the few other tales that followed, but none of them had the appeal of that first cowboys vs dinosaurs premise.
So really chuffed that Pat Mills is making this latest venture back in time as a direct sequel to the first book.
There's a lovely colour teaser shot from it in the latest Prog, which is lovely, but this B&W one posted up on the Tooth Forum far surpasses it, bringing back memories of the ultra-gore of the first episodes.
All fired up, thought i'd post here my Top Three Favourite Pages from way back then.

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The Bronze said...

Trying not to get excited in case it stinks. Bet the prog dosn't turn up Saturday this week.