Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wham! 145 and the genius of Ken Reid

Not often i dip me toe into the comedy titles, but let's have a go eh?
A really good issue this, having just the classic Lee/Kirby FF reprint as the American contingent and nice tales form the likes of The Tiddlers, General Nitt, George's Germs etc.
They pale a bit when it comes to Eagle Eye Junior Spy, who i always remember going up against the brilliant Grimly Fiendish. Not here though, this time the bad guy is "Adolf Twitler", who our hero is trying to stop bomb London with his "Atomic Dandruff". Lovely, lovely stuff and here we have Eagle Eye booted off the wing of a plane, deciding to read his copy of Smash! before he dies, then finding how to make a parachute from paper just in time. Love it.
The others pale a lot more when you get a classic Frankie Stein, with jaw-droppingly awesome art by Ken Reid. I mean, just LOOK at that detail. Said it before and i'll say it again - someone PLEASE collect these together and get it out there for folk to enjoy again or discover for the first time.

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