Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Got me an original Janus Stark

Well, colour me chuffed 8)
After a Font Black Max page, my next Holy Grail piece of art would be a piece of Janus Stark by F Solano Lopez and now i finally have one. Not only that but a title page too.
Still stunned that i've got it, and it's a thrill to examine a piece of my childhood up close like this.
That brilliantly evocative title bar that i used to pour over when a nipper is on card and stuck on.
The page is A3 and it looks like Lopez used different types of marker pens for filling in the blacks and some of the thicker lines - the horses are much lighter than anything else.
There's been quite a bit of whiting out, especially on the young lad, who seems to have totally redrawn for some reason.
All the speech bubbles are pasted on and the brilliant sound effects ("clopptey thud" Hah!) are drawn straight onto the page.
The condition is very, very good (those speech bubbles that look like they're missing aren't - it's just the flash of the camera) and, like i say, am stunned and chuffed to bits to own it.
Made my year.

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james corcoran said...

So you should be, it's a rather awesome page and must admit I'm a smidge envious.