Sunday, 20 March 2011

Failing to do a Belardinelli

Over on the 2000AD Forum there's an art competition with a theme of why i love 2000AD.
Thought i'd have a go and, if i have to sum up what had the biggest impact on me when it first came out and what's the most striking image from it, i'd have to go with the Biogs from the relaunched Dan Dare.
I've waxed lyrical before here on the genius of Massimo's art and, up to this point, he'd been doing terrific stuff in Battle.
But with Dan Dare the reigns were off and all his imagaination came pouring out. I'd never seen anything like it and guess next time i'd be that floored by such an original design would be Giger on Alien.
Even though it was only the start of Massimo's work for 2000AD and then Tornado, i really don't think he bettered these. His Warp Spasm in Slaine came very close, ditto his Artie Gruber, but these fellas are the pinnacle for me.
So, thought i'd make one.
Oh dear.
Massimo's insane, joyously barking design may look quite simple but it really, really isn't. Trying to convert just the simple looking bulbous rear of the head is a right sod to try and get right. Those small ears look easy to do. Nope, just look stupid when you make it yourself. But worst are the "flaps" - the hanging down things where the mouth should be. First attempt was rubbish, made in 3D i ended up with a Cthulhu bust.
Here's where i am at the moment, all built and starting the painting.
I've decided to go away from the proper colour scheme as, when they did appear on the cover or centre pages of the Prog, they were an odd blue/white. That looks fine in print, but i'm not at all sure it'd work "in the flesh"

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