Thursday, 31 December 2015

The 2000AD 2015 Christmas special

I haven't collected 2000AD for a good few years now - i just don't find a lot of the strips engaging, and Judge Dredd is always so serious and grim and not really what i'm after for a bit of comicy escapism.
The nearest i get to it is to by the occasional graphic novel, have a peep though the latest Prog when in WH Smiths and to but the end of year special, just to see what things are like.
Very pleased this year to nab me one, as its proper Old School Thrill Power:
Ian Kennedy back for the wraparound cover!
neatly designed snowmen villains in Dredd - just snowmen, as silly as that with no deep meaning of hidden plot behind it,
great 80's style art on Bad Company,
Clint Langley nodding to the past nicely, with Hammerstien in the accurate brown colours, the return of Dr Feelyggod, and even the robot Overseers are spot-on accurate,
Jesus Redondo back! And drawing Tharg!
and Johnny Alpha's mates back together.
Eee by gum, its like its 1980 all over again!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Future Shock DVD

Watched this yesterday and i heartily recommend it to any Squaxx, no matter what point you jumped on board.
Be warned though, the tales of the abuse of original art may reduce you to tears *sob* *sniffle*