Sunday, 1 June 2008

Vulcan issue 1

As i say, its great to have some classic characters all collected in one comic, even though the colouring is pretty crass.

Looking at the first issue, its kinda odd that they didn't start with the origins of the folk, and in some cases kicked off mid tale:

Mytek The Mighty - The big chap has already been created, run wild and fallen into the ocean before it starts here. And, running at only two pages, the only glimpses you get of the main cover star is a shadow and 3 shots of his hand. Odd.

The Spider - This is more like it - 4 pages of excellent Reg Bunn art, having the Spider grassing up fellow crooks so he can be king of crime.

Saber - King Of The Jungle - wasn't a fan then and not a fan now, so giving it a miss.

The Trigan Empire - Stunning stuff. Don Lawrence needs far, far, FAR more recognition than he's garned so far. Used to have the Hamilyn collection that i stupidly sold years back. While waiting for affordable, easily available collections (which MUST happen sometime surely?), i'll have to settle for snippets like this.

The Steel Claw - Here, Crandell has given up his criminal ways and works for the British Secret Service. Boy, a comic for children where the hero has to strip back the plastic on the cables to fruit machines to get the jolt of electricity needed to make him invisible - that'll never, ever be seen again.

Kelly's Eye - Loved the premise of Kelly's Eye, but thought the character a bit wet. Love the art though. Very Black Max here.

Robot Archie - Again, not a fan. Only liked him in Zenith.

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Captain Storm said...

Quite a collectible run.The Scottish run is as rare as hen's teeth,which is where the National Edition picked up from,hence the tales starting midway.There was also a German Edition,entitled Kobra,that closed leaving many tales unfinished.I have no doubt that if such a comic were released today,it would do very well.

The Cap!