Friday, 20 June 2008

2000AD - Prog 44

Thought i'd dig a back issue out at random to have a read and came up with this very dog-eared Christmas issue from 1977.


Nice tale and nicer art from Ian Gibson on Dredd. This was an interesting time in Dredd's evolution, as his world was expanded and here we have the Lunar Base and Judges. Note the pathetic attempt to be a colourist.

Lovely moody B&W from Mike Dorey on Invasion.

Huge Star Wars influence starting up on Dan Dare, with a feral version of Ming The Merciless as the chief baddie.

And the usual top notch work from Belardinelli on Invasion. Again, note crappy colouring - plus felt tip gore.

What a muppet.

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Anonymous said...

Errr ... That's McMahon on Dredd, surely. I have that prog somewhere, but it's boxed so I can't lay my hands on it, but even at this teenie on-screen size, it looks like McM to me ...