Wednesday, 11 June 2008


It was ineveitable that i'd get round to this title eh?

I bought every action comic that came out in the 70's, either for the first few issues till the free gifts ran out (Bullet) or held on for a while in the hope that the art would improve, but it never did (Warlord).

Battle though i got from the off and right up until it became Battle Action in the 80's.

Trouble was, it never occured to me to keep my comics until 2000AD came out. So i had none until 76/77 then a couple of years worth till i gave them away.

So, its eBay to the rescue, and this is the earliest i have right now.

And what a let-down - only two strips that i rate/rated ("Day Of The Eagle" and "Rat Pack") and the art was pretty poor on both.

Biggest thing of note is the advert on the back -#258 of "They wouldn't get away with that these days".

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