Thursday, 12 June 2008


So, had to come up with a name for this Blog.
What better than my favourite sound effect from my kiddie reading (and still in use now). Having a bit of a research it seems that the most common is one "A", one "I" and four "E"'s followed by any number of exclamation marks.
Thought for a bit of fun i'd make of just how often i come across it during my reading.
So, to kick off, lets take a look at the very first issue that Battle merged with Valiant - 23 October 1976:
"One Eyed Jack" - a slightly derivitive "Naieeeeee!" Showing off a bit i feel, what with starting with a "n" and a massive six "e"'s. But the guy's just been blown up by his phone so i guess we can excuse him.
"Darkie's Mob" - a truncated "Aieee!" from a Japanese grunt.
"Panzer G Man" - an elongated "Aieeeeee!" followed by an "Aieeeee!"
"Soldier Sharp" - first sighting of the four "E"'s.
"The Black Crow" - "Aieeeee!"" from a little girl shot in the hand while playing piano (yes really)

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guttersnipe said...

i remember my mum would read me Vulcan comics and always made a big effort saying "AIEEEE!". very apt..