Thursday, 26 June 2008

Johnny Red

Very pleased to get this 12th Feb 1977 issue.

Not only because its the proper start of Eazy being in charge of Rat Pack, but mainly Johnny Red.

"Aieee!" Count: 0

Now, i got all these issues when the first came out but only started keeping them from about '79 onwards. That means my strongest memories are of the John Cooper later episodes. While there was nothing wrong with the artwork, i did find the whole "paint the hurricane red and bung a skull on it to scare the Nazis" a bit silly.

So, nice to see again after 31 years some Coloquon-era action. And brilliant it is too. He was a master of the use of black and his hardware always looked spot on. Why can't we have a tribute book along the lines of the Brian Bolland one a coupla years back?

Also significant here is Johnny's introduction to The Falcons.

"Aieeee!" Count: Possible Russian alternative with "Haaaieeeeee!"

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