Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Thunder - 21 November 1970 - uber-barminess from Black Max and Adam Eterno.

Still slack jawed from the madness of this issue.

"Black Max" continues the dog fight between him and Wilson. Wilson is shot down and scrambles out of his plane. What does Max do? Open fire? Land and persue? Get the rest of his squadron to do it for him? No, he signals them all to back off, flies back to his airbase, gets in his bat-carrying palne, flies to his secret base, loads up his King Bat, goes back to where Wilson crashed, Wilson is still there, and sets his Bat on him. Who chases him into a mud filled crater. Thinking if Peter Jackson had made a film of this strip, this plot detail wouldn't feature.

Not quite as barmy as the above is "Adam Eterno". Here he's in the Wild West, up against The Yellowstone Kid, the most ruthless gunslinger around. Adam's cacking it as the Kid just so happens to have solid gold revolvers but - phew - they fire regular bullets. I mean, what're the chances of that eh?

"Aieeee!" Count: 0 for both

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