Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Major Eazy barminess

1 January 1977. the new year is seen in with this frankly mental bit of logic. Eazy's captured and refuses to talk. What does the Captain do? Shoot him? Torture?

Nope. He ties him upside down to the bonnet of his car and drives headlong towards a wall.

Haven't got the next issue and SO want to know how he gets out of it (monies on Tewfik blowing out the tyres).
"Aieeee!" count: 0

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rossobantam said...

hi..the female agent that was with them (disguised in the crowd)
shot the driver...he slumped out of the car & it came to a halt.
Eazy: "You do realise the car might not have swerved?"
Agent : "Don't worry Major, if it hadn't I've have shot you before you hit the wall" Nice!