Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Major Eazy

I loved, loved, LOVED Major Eazy.

The killer combo of Carlos' Ezquerra's art and Alan Hebden's laid back sardonic scripts of a laid back sardonic hero who has no respect for the chain of command, doesn't seem to have any noticible uniform and taken to sleeping though battles, made him very quickly go to the top of my favourite Battle characters.

And for him to have a whole chunk of his tales as a prequel, along with crossing over to another strip and leading them (Rat Pack) sure made him unique.

Here's my earliest tale, from 28 Feb 1976, where he crosses the line to play cards with the Germans during a stalemate, then risks everything during a massive bombing raid to get back his pistol that was nicked.

Cooler than a very cool thing, he cries out for a Titan reprint. A few years back though, we were treated to another version of the character as 2000AD launched "Cursed Earth Koburn", moving him to Dredd's world. Brilliantly produced by Gordon Rennie and Carlos, it didn't last nowhere near long enough.

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Captain Storm said...

Definitely very James Coburn with a dash of Clint Eastwood.A classic!