Monday, 26 May 2008

Thunder annual 1972

Again, another annual that i used to pour over as a 10 year old. Lost it yonks ago but, thanks to the wonder of the 'Bay, i have a lovely condition copy.

It must be said, a lot of it i wasn't a fan of and still aren't - factual pieces, sport and especially the Steel Commando, but there's some great stuff in here.

Top pic is from "Dusty Binns", which is a character i didn't like at all, but this tale of the search for a replacement vase i remember with real affection.

Next is from a factual piece and i've included it to show just how perceptions of what dinosaurs looked like have changed in such a short time.

After that its a page from "The Garden Of Fear" a story of a man and his son accidently shrunk down to tiny size at the lab at the bottom of the garden, and their perilous journey back to the house.

I've shown this page as it really creeped me out as a nipper and can't help but think of the tale when i hear the words "wolf spider".

And next, the very first episode of "The Black Max".

Well, doesn't get much than this for me - the first apperance of Von Kloor and he's releasing the first of his bats from a compartmant behind him (which looks like it could just about hold a small man but contains a bat bigger than the plane. But we'll ignore that).

And later on he guns down the bat with the immortal "My new killer-bat is a failure! And the price of failure is... death!" Brilliant.

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