Friday, 30 May 2008

Janus Stark - ashcan edition (sorta)

Very odd this.

Its a collection of the first 20 or so tales, printed at half the size of a standard UK comic.

I got it off eBay years ago and the seller reckoned he'd picked it up at a boot sale and feigned ignorance of its origins.

Have my doubts about that - he was selling similar collections of other characters and, soon after i got my one, he was selling another. A bit sus.

Anyway, until someone does a Charlies War style reprint, its a nice way of having them together.

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Captain Storm said...

Sounds like the bloke did these himself and if so would be a great way to pick up a run of a favorite character.I don't think a Janus Stark collection was ever released to the best of my knowledge.Looks homemade by the look of the cover.Good find though!Has he any Adam Eterno ones?