Friday, 30 May 2008

Artie Gruber

Talk has turned over on the 2000AD Forum to Artie Gruber, main bad guy of the Harlem Heroes in the very earliest Progs.

How i loved that character. Not personality, but the stunning design that, once again Massimo came up with.

Loved the design so much i melted my Action Man's face over the gas ring and stuck on kit bits to have own version.

Also pictured is the sketch Rufus Dayglo kindly did for me a few years back.


bog042-mailing{at} said...

I read 2000AD in the early days, and my SF influences are very similar to yours, but I hadn't thought about 2000AD at all lately, but during a quiet moment at work the other day, the name "Artie Gruber" for some reason popped into my mind. I thought about it and remembered Aeroball and The Harlem Heroes. I seem to also remeber that the game later changed to a more deadly ground-based game. I'll have to try to find a way to read some of the early stories again. Thanks for being here as a useful resource.

John Farrelly said...

It was actually Dave Gibbons who came up with Gruber's look. Around prog 8 or so,when he was the artist on Harlem Heroes. BelardInelli only drew him in Inferno.