Monday, 26 May 2008

Pow Annual 1971

This is the only annual that i own that i've kept from my childhhod and not had to rebuy on eBay - hence the tatty state.

And the reason i kept it is that i cherish it so, so much.

Its an odd annual as Pow the comic was a collection of American reprints, but this annual has stand alone tales of characters that, as far as i've been able to find out, were created for this publication and were never seen again.

I can see why - many of them were blatent rip-offs of existing characters.

Second pic is the opening two pages which give a guide to whos who (along with my 9 year old ratings). Lets see who we have. Left page first:

"Aquavenger". A mix of Aquaman and Shazam. I rated him 1'st.

"Norstad". A strange strip this. Norstad is the bad guy, and not a very smart one. Rated 4th.

"Electro". Well, its Electro, but a goodie. He comes 5th.

"Kash Pearce". A time travelling cowboy riding a robot horse. Yes really. I not suprisingly didn't rate him.

"Magno". Magneto dressed up in a mix of Captain America and Thor's outfit. He's 2nd.

Right page:

"Chet Blair". An American Indian who at night dons this lovely outfit to fight crime. 8th.

"Marksman". Very odd - in skills he predates the Punisher, and there's similarities to Bullseye costume too. He's third.

"Mr Tomorrow". Basically Lex Luthor from the future come back to 1971. And he's 9th.

"Crag Taylor". Very dull. Only his name is interesting. But back then i made him 6th????

"The Phantom". Lovely dark artwork of a very Diabolik character. Comes 7th.

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Robert André said...

My older brothers had this annual. I remember, even as a five year old, being disappointed with the stories; not as good as the American comics that would turn up in the house: Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman or the British stuff: Valient, Thunder and especially the Hotspur.

One thing I distinctly remember was the story that started "The year is 1975..." Or is my memory playing tricks on me?