Friday, 23 May 2008

Action - nice while it lasted

Lets see. Febuary 1976, i was 13. Just about right i'd say for this one to have the impact it was supposed to.

And boy did it - suddenly comics had an edge greater than ever seen before and here we were in the playground reading strips that were downright nasty.

Back then i kinda (70's talk again) liked Dredger, but after a few weeks i got bored with the same sort of set-up and pay-off each week (and the art went downhill REAL fast there).

No, my fav's were Hookjaw and Hellman. And here have example's from that first issue.

Hellman, 'cause i was still into war strips via Battle's Johhny Red, Charlie's War, Rat Pack and Major Easy. But as you can see here Mike Conroy's art was as dark as Joe Coloquen on Charlie's War, but even grittier.

And Hookjaw because, again, the bad guys are the more interesting. Abd you don't get any badder than him.

Interesting to see here with this first ever shot of him, how small he is - no swallowing divers in one gulp yet.

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