Friday, 30 May 2008

Lion and Thunder 6th & 13th Oct 1973

Just got these from eBay, and what a let down - no Black Max.

Instead, i've got a typically barmy Adam Eterno - cursed to travel thoughout eternity righting wrongs, an immortal that can only be killed by gold, he must get pretty hacked off coming across gold in a dangerous form every blummin' time he materilises.

Aside from the excellent artwork, the appeal is to see how the writers get him into more and more outlandish situations.

Here he's in modern day London, being menaced by mutated giant stag beetles. Not a a threat to him at all, but the bampot notion is that they've been eating gold from the bank vaults and therefore have gold dust on their jaws. Genius!

The rest of the strips are pretty poor, but its capped off with The Spider vs Spider Boy and some stunning examples of crosshatching by Reg Bunn.


Captain Storm said...

I know you said you were gonna get around to the big guy soon,but I didn't think it was to lambast him! LOL!Sure the storylines were contrived and hackneyed but so too were all the others,including the Black Max!But they were aimed at youngsters!I still love those old strips,for the brilliant artwork if not for the twee plots ;-)

Mangamax said...

Captain, you've summed up how i feel EXACTLY right just there - i love all the characters featured here and its because of the brilliant combination of stunning artwork with the most outlandish concepts and situations.
Basically, if i feature a character here, i like 'em, if i don't i don't.
Expect more Eterno soon, by Mitra.

Captain Storm said...

Hi all,have started my own blog where I discuss strips with a time theme,sorta :-)