Friday, 23 May 2008

Smash annual 1972

Smash was an odd comic. A mix of strips, some British, but mainly American reprints.

So i never bothered getting it.

But the annuals on the other hand...

No sign of the American stuff, but plenty of classic fare from over here.

This annual i poured over continually. So much so that when a bought one again on eBay, it all came flooding back.

Especially "Attack Of The Killer Toys", which there's a page of here. I chose this page as it really disturbed me as a 10 year-old - its the mad scientists goggle glasses and those murderous robots that did. What i'd give to own a page of this.

Also from the annual we have a stand alone tale of Janus Stark (much musings on him to come) and a page of the brilliant Swots and the Blots. Bash Street Kids rip-off to be sure, but its Baxendale in full flight.

Brilliant publication. Buy it and do yourself a favour.

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Lew Stringer said...

Smash was never mainly American reprint. However the annual you have there is from the IPC era when the comic had become a traditional weekly with no U.S. reprint.