Thursday, 5 April 2012

The genius of Belardinelli - 67/34,876

Just been reading an issue of Battle Picture Weekly from 1975 and, typical of the title from this period, it can either have genius stuff in it - or be pretty dull.
This one is a dull one, with even the usual entertaining tales of "Rat Pack" , "D-Day Dawson" and the further adventures of Mike Nelson being plodding affairs.
But, if a strips got Belardinelli on it, you're guaranteed at least one stand-out instance showing his genius.
And this is his this time on "Rat Pack" - two panels shwoing the ships colliding and just look at that detail.
Amazing stuff - dunno if my favourite is the tiny, tiny soldiers falling into the sea in the second panel (just how big did he draw this???) or the German soldier on the left in the top panel. How much character????
YES! A spot-on 100% "AIEEEE!" from a mown down German in "The Password Is Courage"

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