Monday, 16 April 2012

Flesh episode

I've just finished the latest of the "Flesh" GN's and its been a real blast.
Each episode is packed full of Thrill Power, no more so than the first bunch and, reading them, i'm that 15-year old again, loving that his trusty Airfix T Rex
can be put up against all his Tamiya tanks and troops.

Episode 3 is one that was a huge favourite back then, with its horribly gnarly Pteradon's with the Letratone seemignly giving them more mass than would be possible to fly

The first apperance of the soon to be one-eyed One Eye, and the terrifically daft "natter away while facing the jaws of death" staple of early 2000AD's

And this classic, classic, iconic moment

Thrill Power indeed.
A squashed down "AIEEE" from a squashed down Cowboy, being trodden on by Old One Eye.

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