Monday, 9 April 2012

My Biog

Long term readers of this here Blog will know how my favourite strip in 2000AD for the first coupla years was "Dan Dare", partly for Dave Gibbons' work during the whole Space Fortess saga, but mainly for Belardinelli's creepily effective work right from the off - and especially his depictions of the Biogs, bio-mechanical aliens out there amongst the public long before H.R. Giger did the same in "Alien":

I've just been asked to send a sample of JPEG's of my original work to someone and i included my take on the foot soldiers of that alien race and i thought you might like to see it?
Making it was a bit of a nightmare - what Massimo made look simple really wasn't - tons of compound curves and far, far too much detail.
Gawd, he was brilliant.