Saturday, 24 March 2012

Defoe original art

Leigh Gallagher's begun to sell some of his artwork from 2000AD's "Defoe" - see link to his Blog in the sidebar to the right - and, though i can't really afford it, i just had to have one.
As i've said numerous times here, Leigh's work - and Defoe especially - is carrying on the tradition of British boys comic strips from the 60's and 70's, with his incredibly moody and evocative black and white art depecting fantastically imaginative characters and situations.
So its a real thrill to have a page in the "flesh" and its sitting proudly next to my "Janus Stark" page, a truly suitable place for it to be.
I've chosen this page as we get a bunch of characters from the strip along with a dose of ultra-violence.
What's not to like?
Top Bloke that Leigh is, he also included this, an original prelim for Defoe from back in 2006.
Cheers Leigh!

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