Monday, 18 April 2011

This Week In... 1971

Thought i'd start an occasional feature of having a rummage through the back issues to see what the nipper-me would've been reading this week all those years ago.
Starting off with 1971 and the 9-year old me would've been:
Dismissive of the likes of Carsons Cubs, Fury's Family and Steel Commando.
Would've absolutely thrilled though by the latest from Black Max. Reading it now, its barmpot barmy but then i would've taken it SO serious - Wilson's plane is being carried away by a couple of the Giant Bats, his comrades racing to rescue him. Looks like they'd do it too - if not for four more Bats appearing from nowhere, carrying a STEEL NET, which they then procede to hang up like a tennis net for the Allied planes to crash into. Barking stuff.
Jet Skaters i didn't like, figuring they were a right bunch of drips. But the boots were good and the arts nice, with always nifty aerial shots looking down to the ground.
Adam Eterno is ace, with him ending up in the one place in time he shouldn't be - an Aztec golden city. Stunning art here by Lopez, with this terrific central portrait of the big lunk.
Not a mutter.

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