Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Artist overload - Battle Action 28 Jan 1978

Blimey, what a corker this issue is - fantastic work from fantastic artists with every strip showing off stunning art:
Joe Two Beans by Eric Bradbury
Johnny Red by Joe Colquhoun
Spinball Wars by Ron Turner
Major Eazy by Carlos Ezquerra
Hellman by Mike Dorey
Dredger by Joe Cooper
The Sarge by Mike Western
Really, if anyone wanted to show someone what was so good about Boy's War Comic art, this'd be an excellent example.
A truncated "AIEEE!" from inside a blown up German armoured car in Hellman.
And a frankly unneccesary "AIEEEEE!" from a German soldier who'd only been shot in the shoulder in The Sarge. Wimp.


Robert said...

"War flows in Joe Two Beans"??? In what way exactly does war 'flow'? And why would you want it to? Reading this 30 years down the line seems borderline offensive. It's weird looking back at how fixated we all were as kids with WW2. Good job Pat Mills' Charley's War was round the corner to set us all straight...

Mangamax said...

It does seem odd 30 years on doesn't it? Especially as it was exactly that amount of time between the war ending and us reading it. Something i've never understood is why the fixation with the two World Wars, when surely tales from Roman/Egyptian/Medievel times could have been just as exciting. Maybe it was a catharsis thing for the writers.