Sunday, 24 April 2011

Don Lawrence and Judge Dredd

According to Judge Dredd The Mega History, "The first major Dredd cover on 2000AD [Prog 18] was yet another "rip-off" that angered Carlos Ezquerra. Old hand Dom Lawrence drew the cover, but could not get the Dredd figure right. So Ezquerra's figure from Bank Raid was cut out and dropped into Lawrence's Brainbloom farm."
Looking at the cover yep, that's the Bank Raid shot used yet again and can see why Carlos would be annoyed by that.
And that's typical Dom's work on the Brainbloom's faces, with very Trigan Empire buildings in the background.
But where's his Dredd?
Guessing they would have whitewashed it out, a photocopy of Carlo's one pasted in and then the whole thing touched up.
Just hoping they'd have done it to a photostat of Dom's art and the original is tucked away somewhere, waiting to be seen one day.
What a shock that would be to folk after all this time and i'd love to see what he'd done. "Could not get the figure right" from a giant like Dom Lawrence? Can't believe that - guess it was just something more radical than what they expecting back in those early days when Pat Mills was trying to get an established, consistant look to the strip.


Robert said...

I had this issue. Never knew that it was a composite image. Remember thinking it very bizarre as a child - I didn't warm to Judge Dredd until years later, but who could blame me, I was only seven at the time.

Pete Wells said...

There's a piece about this cover on my 2000AD Covers Blog - no Dredd I'm afraid!