Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Dan Dare poster magazine.

Here's my bedroom late 70's.
Pride of place "Issue 1" (hah!) of the, quite common at the time, poster magazine, this time of Dan Dare. Gawd knows what happened to it, but going through the albums, i came across it and thought it'd be nice to have another one 30-odd years on.
Got one for only 3 quid on eBay and it's nice to see the magazine part again.
It's a bit of a fluff piece with the only mention of the "2000AD magazine" being how Dare was back, drawn by "Roman artist Belardinelli", but its nice to see the Frank Hampson blown up big with okay colouring.
Ditto Massimo's, but this time the colours are far more garish, but it works better on the poster itself.
Never noticed before, but the red eyed creature on the right seems to be a Biog head on some sort of an alien centaurs body
Lovely stuff - thinking of seeing if anywhere in town can do me a photocopy so i can frame it without the fold lines evident.

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