Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Valiant 17th May 1975

Just bought this issue so lets have a peek at what's of note, yes?
Sergeant Strong:

A strip i don't remember at all. He's "Simon Strong", a soldier who's had "an accident in space" which has resulted in him having the strength of 10 men and, for some odd reason, the weight of ten men too...
Odd. And this tale is odd too - its full two pages given over to him climbing up a pipe then being blown up. Twice.
The gimmick (apart from the weight thing) is very similar to Adam Eterno, which id curious as he's in the issue too.
With Adam only being vulnerable to gold, i guess it would only be a matter of time before he came across Jason going after the Golden Fleece.
Which he does here - except, for some bizarre reason, all the names have been changed. Instead of Jason we get "Janex", the "Elgo" replaces Jason's Argos ship and the Golden Fleece is now a "Golden Web.
Great tale though, highlight of which is Adam putting himself between the rocks and the prow of the ship to stop it being crushed:

And lastly we've got The Boy Who Went To War, a very "Charley's War" tale set in WW2 though but still featuring a rather simple lad who lies about his age to join up, has a simpler buddy side-kick, a kindly sergeant and lots of tension in the trenches.

No. Whta we do have though is an oft-used expletive across the strips: "NEE-AAAGH!"

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