Saturday, 14 January 2012


Had to pop down and check out a possible fault with our copy at work today.
So i'm stood there waiting, and the setting is the Somme, just minutes before they go over the top.
"Blimey", thinks i as the Sergeant wanders down the line giving the troops a final pep talk, "he's just like the Sarge in Charleys War - just minus the pointy moustache".
Think it again when the hero appears, and his demanour just from that brief section i saw didn't 'arf scream Mr Bourne.
And then we have a snobby, arrogant, junior officer.
And a mate of the hero who both in looks and character is the dead spit of Ginger.
And when they do go over the top, there's the "whizz-bangs" i know from the strip, there's the no-mans land EXACTLY like i've seen in Battle and, when they get to the German lines, there's even a dead German in the gas mask giving Charley, er, the hero a scare.
Like i say, blimey.

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