Tuesday, 17 January 2012

POW! annual 1971 - #8 - Chet Blair

In at number 8 and i've no idea why.
Chet Blair was born a Sioux, has just finished college and is just about to start his career as a lawyer.
Even before the events that turn him into a hero, things are afoot - as he walks he's got "... a certain pride in his dark eyes, a kind of lazy freedom in the way he moved".
Sounds like me when i've had a few.
And he's pondering too - "Forget the past, i guess. I'm no longer a Sioux - just another American lawyer." and he wanders on, remembering "... green plains, rolling hills, winding rivers under a wide sky"
Blimey, makes you wonder, if he misses his previous life, why did he leave it?
We've no time to find out, as he finds himself caught up in a gunfight between criminals,gets mistaken for one of them and legs it.
Figuring he needs to find one of the guys to clear his name, he goes back to his apartment, where he has his Sioux togs hung up in the wardrobe.

With no reason given, other than he must use his Sioux training, he gets into it and "the man known as Chet Blair vanished and another man took his place."
No, that's still Chet but in a different outfit. With no mask. He hasn't even given himself another name.
And off he goes round the city dressed like that, carrying axe and bow and arrows.
And no-one notices.
We've then got three pages of tedium, as he tracks down the baddies and makes friends with a bloke from the FBI.

It ends with him turning down a crimefighting job to be a lawyer and its kinda left open-ended in case the character got his own series.
Which he didn't.
Which is no surprise.
Baffled why i voted him above Mr Tomorrow. can only think maybe at that time i was into the Lone Ranger and the guy was kinda like Tonto.

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