Saturday, 21 January 2012

The return of Charlie Peace

The "Caballistics Inc" spin-off series "Absalom" is by far my top thrill in the Prog at the moment and its just been notched up another peg by mention this week of Charlie Peace.
Writer Droid Gordon Rennie has been known to drop in references to other realities in his tales before, and them being often the odd sentence dropped in in passing and never refered to again making them more inticing - such as "Hobbs End" and "the Yetis in the Underground" in "Cabs Inc".
So its no surprise really to see it happen here, as we find that the Victorian villian who was transported to the 60's in "Valiant" and then "Buster" didn't do so by means of an accident with a time machine but by using the London Stone in the same way the baddies in this latest tale are.
Excellent stuff.
Guess it would be too obvious for the fella to pop up though. But if he did, would he be like his original incarnation, or his modern "Albion" version?

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