Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Leigh Gallagher's Dredd

I've mentioned here here before how much i admire Leigh's work on "Defoe" in 2000AD, as his stunningly moody b/w art strongly evokes memories of strips from when i were a nipper.
If Janus Stark, Black Max, Adam Eterno or the Spider were ever to be properly resurrected then Leigh's the Man as far as i'm concerned.
He's recently done a Dredd tale for the Megazine and i've just got from him this prelim for an unused cover design.
Can see why maybe it wasn't chosen as the Werewolf is a wee bit small but i love it - a great, unusual shot of ol' Chinface and a superb bit of perspective on ol' Furface.
Top work.

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