Thursday, 13 May 2010

Crikey! 14

Just got round to reading this, and its the usual diverse treat.
Oddly though, its not the interview with Bryan Talbot or the piece on Marvel UK that i enjoyed but these two instead.
I didn't know it at the time, but the reason i hung on to the few Rupert annuals i had was down to the genius of Alfred Bestall. Never liked the bear, nor his friends, nor the stories.
But the art...
Used to just pour over the artwork, these incredibly charming, evocative landscapes that seemed not to be paintings, but some sort of view in to another world. They were unlike anything i'd ever seen before and still stand up now. Am quite lucky in that i live not far from Canterbury, which houses a permanent Rupert musuem, with original art by Mr Bestall. Which is even more awe inspiring up close.
Second up is the nice piece on The Perishers. They were a daily staple for me, read just after Andy Capp and just before Garth. They were nice, gentle innocent fun with endearing characters that never seemed to change or grow old. But why should they?

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