Thursday, 27 May 2010

Eric Bradbury's return to Black Max.

Hmmm, that's interesting.
I'd always thought that Mr Bradbury did the initial design work for the Black max strip and the very first episode but then passed on the duties to Mr Font.
So its a bit of a suprise to find, tucked away in the Thunder annual of 1973, a text story featuring the original artist.
Its certainly not out-takes from before the strip ran as the story has Von Klorr and Wilson in the midst of their battles.
Nice to see - but must say, prefer Font's monstrous takes on the Giant Bat's over Bradbury's far more realistic one's.

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Robert Kelly said...

I read this text story over several times when I was 8. Maybe the fact that it was done by a different artist explains Black Max's shaven headed appearance in the hangar illustration, totally different from how he appeared in the comic strip. This story was obviously inspired by the German Riesenflugzeug programme in WW1 which also inspired the Young Indiana Jones episode Attack of the Hawkmen (one of Jon Pertwee's last appearances). This story was a cracking good read and I feel that this old fashioned text format gave the characters and story more depth and developed reading skills, decades before Harry Potter.