Monday, 8 March 2010

Top 5 Iconic moments - #1

It HAD to be this. The remit of the choices was for stand out images, moments from a strip that were so powerful that they've stayed with me over the (far too many) years and stand as symbols of that story.
Action had been going for quite a while before McNally reaches his demise and had been delivering shockingly graphic scenes week in and week out.
If i was becoming used to them i certainly don't remember it but, if i was, this panel sure would've got me back to square one again.
In the previous panels the Chief was trying his best to hold Hookjaw's mouth open, confident that he could still beat the beast.
Of course he couldn't and it was only a matter of time before he tired and the sharks jaws closed.
And close they did - and how.
To have all the limbs fly off like that was an audacious piece of storytelling (would love to know if it was in the script or the artist going for it) and neatly sums up the uniqueness of the comic. Where ever have you seen anything like that - in comics or film - either then or now?
A brilliant, brilliant panel that sums up everything that was great and different and joyous to the 14 year-old me.
And that's why its Number One.

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The Bronze said...

Yep totally agree with that,THE greatest moment in my comic if not Brit comic history.
So great I own this page together with the pre-ceeding pages.
Pride of my collection .