Sunday, 7 March 2010

Black Max & Adam Eterno - recaps

Just got the 20th March 1971 edition of Lion & Thunder, which is the first issue of the combined titles. Because of that, all the strips have to have retellings of their origins for the readers of the opposite comic.
Which has made for some nice bringing up to speed and start of new tales for all the strips. The fact that they do so in the space of just 2 or 3 pages is a testiment to the talent of the writers.
With Adam Eterno you also get top notch art. Never seen him looking better or moodier. Could do without the cherubic pre-curse version though...
Black Max is equally good, with the added bonus of Von Kloor living on the (rather obvious) Black Island, the significance of which won't be revealed for a few weeks.

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