Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Exclusive

Here it is then, never seen before anywhere before, sorry about the wait. The teaser i'd put up was a zoom-in on the face of the rough of this final image.
You might recall me saying i've an ambition to have modern artists do their take on The Black Max, my favourite 70's comic character.
I've already got one by Chris Weston and now Dom Reardon has very kindly given up time to do his version.
Dom was top of my list to have a go as he's a proven master of the B&W supernatural strip with his brilliant work on 2000AD's Caballistics Inc and couldn't wait to see what he'd comne up with.
LOVE it.
The face has just such a great menacing look to it, the way he's done the break in the clouds is brilliant, the moon framing the plane is top notch and the bats - superb.
Well chuffed with it.

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