Monday, 13 April 2009

Vulcan - 11 October 1975

Got to admit, didn't buy this title when it came out. Think it was because i was already familiar with the characters, plus '75 was when Marvel UK was churning out tons of titles and that's where all me pocket money was going.
So, what do we have here?
MYTEK THE MIGHTY: Again, the colouring has ruined any atmos the strip had. What were they thinking? But its genius in that, with only two pages of strip, you have Mytek's hand demolish a building, pull a plane out the sky and then he emerges off-shore.
THE SPIDER: Left in black and white and much the better for it. This is why i love the Spider so much - up against "The Exterminator", he lunges towards his foe, only to activate a massive Rat Trap. Really. I mean, where'd you get one from? Acme? Or did the Exterminator go to all that trouble to build it himself? When that fails, he attacks with a drill on an extending tube that he "got the idea for this fiendish enemy-eliminator during my last visit to the dentist" And this is played straight. After that fails, the Spider is pinned down under the weight of a pile of "artificial giant diamonds"
Barking mad! Kids don't know what they're missing these days.
TRIGAN EMPIRE: An altogether more sensible, with lavish, beautifil artwork from Don Lawrence. This strip, above ALL others deserves a reprinting and to be seen on the shelves of Waterstones etc.
THE STEEL CLAW: Loevly moody art - but not much of a tale.
KELLY'S EYE: Again, lovely art, but the guys such a drip, its hard to connect with him. So a quick glance, then move on.
Nothing, not even when The Steel Claw sticks his finer in the plug socket or touches the electric fence, nor when Tim Kelly gets blasted by a giant bat or blown up by a cannon.

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