Monday, 13 April 2009

Action - 15 May 1976 - Hookjaw

Inside a typically lurid cover (which looks like a panel blow-up but doesn't seem to be) we've got APPALLING artwork on Dredger. As i've said before, really can't understand how the art on one of the lead strips could deterioate so quickly. And boy has it here. So bad i'm not gonna show ya.
*how fun it is to slip into 70's speak again*
Green Grudge's War fairs best with the artwork by Belardinelli this issue (with his trademark self-portrait appearing more than once) but i've chosen to show two pages from Hookjaw. Again, the art has slipped but you've gotta admire a whole page devoted to a boy being eaten.
Odd too that one of the panels here was chosen for the hardback graphic novel over some truely stunning examples earlier in the run.

Green Grudge's War: a truncated "Aieee!" from a German guard and a much longer "Aieeeee!" next panel as the oil tank blows (dunno if its the same guy).

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