Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bargains galore in Wales

Just back from a lovely holiday in North Wales, driving 'round visiting tons of neat places.
Llangollen was neat and then made even neater when we stopped into a combined cafe/second-hand book shop and found, laying in piles and piles on the floor stacked high, tons and tons of 70's and 80's British comics.
2000AD, Bullett, Warlord, Cor!, Beano, Battle - pretty much every title out back then, loads of them, and pricing from 25p to £1.50 a pop.
This is what we got - some for me, some for the Sprogs - alas, not too many for me, as i don't need too many Actions etc now.
Highly recommended should you be in the area.

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HannibalCat said...

My family holidays back in the 70's were always to Wales. It was like passing through The Time Tunnel. Very few shops sold comics, but the newsagents that did always seemed to exist five or ten years in the past. I picked up a few interesting comics back then, including one issue of Strange Tales from the year of my birth, 1965!