Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Slightly out of the remit for this here Blog but please indulge me.
It was a case of love at first sight when this appeared in 2000AD - big first panel kicking off some joyous imagination and bampot notions taking me right back to the early days of the Prog, Action, and a whole slew of early 70's titles when an ordinary, real life thing or situation is given a fantasy/SF angle.
And that's classic Dredd to just dispatch the threat so cooly.
And that caption is right up there with the classic "please let me drown before the Giant Scorpions get me".
So, love at first sight.
I got in touch with Carl, just on the off-chance that he might still have it, expecting the answer "no".
Stunned then when he said that, yes, he did.
And it became mine within a few days :)
Lovely piece of work - A3 with very fine linework. The backgrounds are missing out of a couple of the lower panels as Carl added them in Photoshop.
That don't matter not a jot - i've got sharks on legs and i'm a happy bunny ;)

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