Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Smash! 11th Oct 1969

Sticking with Smash! for my latest reading, this one came out when i was 7 and i'm pretty sure i wasn't reading the weekly at this point, just the annuals.

Inside we've inspired barminess in Janus Stark as he battles for his life in a recently constructed tunnel under the Thames, built by Isidore Royaume (great name). The bad guy could throttle our hero to death, but just stops to take look, allowing Stark to wake up. He then has a chance by knocking him out again, this time with a spanner. Does he learn his lesson and finish him off there? No, he leaves him to drown inside it. Not a very clever baddie, who gets his come-uppance by his boat being upended by Stark's escape chamber.

Master Of The Marsh is interesting, in that we get a hint that Patchman is more than he seems, having a very Catweazle-like flashback to Norman times. It raises the question: which came first with that premise - this strip or that show?

The other highlight for me this time is the back page ad for Action Transfers, a range i collected avidly as a nipper and seeing them here really does strike a cord, even all these years later

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