Monday, 15 August 2011

Adios Senor Lopez

Ahhhh, no. Just heard of Francisco Lopez's passing. Anyone who's been with this Blog for a while will know what a crucial role he played in my comic appreciation growing up and, indeed, this Blog is a sort of love letter to him.
Such a sad day to hear of his passing but hopefully it'll kick start a true apprecation of just what a genius he was and what a massive influence he had on folk.
Just hope he knew it before passing

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he knew.
Sì, el lo sabìa.
I'm José Munoz, his assistant during the late fifties in Argentina(The Eternaut, Ernie Pike, Joe Zonda, Rul de la Luna,Rolo) and also during the late sixties(Adam, Galaxus, Raven, Janus, Master of the Marsh)and the draughtsman of Lost in Limbo Land and Sark the Sleeper. My biggest thanks to you for remembering him warmly trough your childhood.
Solano, together with Breccia and Pratt, my masters.
Solano: un gran tipo, gifted, humble, charming, intelligent and honest. What more?
Good luck to you.