Sunday, 8 May 2011

Grimly Fiendish

Inspired by photos of my local comic shop owner dressed up for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday looking more like Mr Fiendish, i thought i'd take another look at the fella.
Reading a few strips, its become apparent:
(A) How unfair it seems Grimly's been over-looked in the vast pantheon of Leo Baxendale's creations.
(B) How unfair it is that folk of a certain age know the name only for the Damned song.
(C) How unfair it is that folk under that age know him, albeit in a different form, in last years "Despicable Me" - a blatent swipe, being the tale of a super-villain aided by diminutive, strange creatures.
Will be going into the original more, but know i'm going to come out of it with the oft-muttered "why isn't there a collection of these?"
BTW, i enjoyed spotting him in the "Albion" series a while back but, being a serious version, kinda lost the appeal of the character in the first place, yes?


Robert said...

...yes, but I always thought it amazing that a fairly obscure comic strip was the subject of a song by the Damned (I mean, it was, wasn't it? Not just serendipity?).

I haven't seen Despicable Me but, boy, yes, that looks at lot like GF!

Guess he has some very famous fans...

Mangamax said...

... even down to the same patterened scarf! Wonder what Leo thought of it? Re the Damned, can see why they'd go for him - all the band are the right age to have grown up with him and he, his creatures and the strip itself fit right in with the "Goth" vibe, even though the Damned were pretty much the forerunners IMO. There you go - a Grimly Fiendish collection aimed at the Goths and Emo's

Ade Salmon said...

Shane's rendition rocks!