Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ads That Time Forgot - Count Dracula lollies

Yet another "they wouldn't do that now" example, the telly advert encouraged kids to "taste the blood of Dracula" or somesuch tag line, the ad here goes on about the blood red jelly, which apparently covered a "core of delicious snocreme".
What the hell ws "Snocreme"?
Never, ever heard of the stuff. Just Googled it and i'm still none the wiser - except that its "An all vegetable formulation".
Anyway, its good to see here the lolly sticks with stencils built in that had their time in the mid 70's, but best of all here is the idea that you can win " a real movie projector and a full length horror film".
That must've been an 8 or 16mm jobbie i guess and, back then of course, "full length" films usually meant 20 minutes of highlights, but what film would they've chosen to give free to teeth-dissolving-from-snocreme-nippers?


The Bronze said...

Loved these, made your mouth go blood red. You can buy them in Iceland.

ekolad said...

christ, i remember those trace-a-face sticks. what year was that, roughly...?

Mangamax said...

Think its '75.

Rabsmith said...

Much earlier in the 70s, Wall's put out 'Count Dracula's Deadly Secret' around 1971/72, which had white ice-cream inside the black outer lolly. Another lolly from the time that sticks in the memory equally was 'Crazy Joe Cola', advertised extensively onscreen on TV as well as at the Saturday kid's matinees.

Anonymous said...

At first I misread the 'snocreme'(which I assume is pronounced Snow Cream), and I thought it said 'Snotcreme'. Which is 'snot good.
Seriously though, this is a truly superb blog and I have really, really enjoyed reading it so far.
I was directed here by Google after becoming interested in the Major Easy stories.

Anonymous said...

I entered this competition and actually won the Count Dracula's deadly secret lolly stick competition and received the 8mm movie projector and film.